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KNX CD 100 , 20x4mt KNX Corridor Dedector, Surface Mount

Producent: EAE
Kod producenta: SMP CD 100 EAE S-KNX
Jest Jest

  • The CD100 KNX Corridor Sensor is developed for long corridors and car parking spaces. It has two mounting options which are flush mounted and surface mounted.

  • Depending on the entity, a constant light function can be applied with the integrated brightness and motion sensor. The existing light may be compared with the desired level of light and an adequate level will be provided.

  •  The sensor has corridor function feature. Through to this feature presence, absance, stay on time and switch off delay values can be adjustable via KNX. (Corridor function graph)

  •  It can operate in parallel connection with other sensors either on standalone or master-slave basis depending on application requirements.

  • Based on the state of use of the external controls (button, switch, other sensors, etc.) full or semi automatic operating modes could be set-up.

  • Test and calibration modes are convenient during installation.

  • Does not need for external supply. It receives its power over KNX line.


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