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KNX FCA100 Fan Coil Actuator Controlling fan coils (2 & 3-point valve)

Producent: EAE
Kod producenta: SMP FCA100
Jest Jest


Fan Coil Actuator FCA100 covers HVAC systems of the electrical installation of room applications and offers following functions in one product.

  • Controlling fan coils (2 & 3-point valve)
  • Additional Heat or Cooling
  • Switching auxiliary load
  • Dry contact inputs
  • Temperature inputs

FCA100 has 11 outputs, 6 inputs inside. These outputs and inputs are using for:

  • Auxiliary Output x1 (Relay 16A)
  • Fan Speed Output x3 (Relay 16A)
  • Fan Speed Output x1 (0-10 V Signal)
  • Valve Control Output x4 (Triac 0.5A)
  • Valve Control Output x2 (0-10 V Signal)
  • Dry Contact Input x4
  • NTC Sensor Input x2

Suitable for switching resistive, capacitive and inductive loads as well as fluorescent lamp loads according to EN 60 669.

  •  Any kind of load (up to 16A per channel)

Manual control is possible for each channel through the built-in button panel.

Device has 4 independent input channels. Input channel operates as well as universal interface with following functions,

  • Switch / push button sensor
  • Dew-point sensor
  • Window sensor

Device has 2 temperature input channels separately. Temperature Inputs can be used with following functions,

  • Single
  • Weighted (Multi temp sensor)

220V auxiliary power is not required.



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